Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dungeon Souls Save Edit, Part 2

Dungeon Souls Save Editing, Part 2

After hacking away at the character safe information, I wanted to take a crack at understanding the weapons system.

In ~/Libaray/Application Support/com.yoyogames.macyoyorunner there’s a grip of files realted to the Arcane Forge.

In order to give ourselves items we want to look at arc_frg_itm.ds.

This is a list of numbers which corresponds to various weapons. The breakdown is:

Number Item
0 Barbarian’s Axe (Barbarian’s default)
1 Viking’s Axe (Viking’s(????) default)
2 Archer’s Bow (Archer’s default)
3 Viper (Ranger’s(????) defualt)
4 Thief’s Knife (Thief’s default)
5 Rouge’s Knife (Rouge’s(????) default)
6 Warrior’s Sword (Warrior’s default)
7 Knight’s Sword (Knight’s(????) default)
8 Wizard’s Staff (Wizard’s default)
9 Archmage’s Staff (Archmage’s(????) default)
10 Cleric’s Staff (Cleric’s default)
11 Paladin’s Staff (Paladin’s(????) default)
12 Necromancer’s Scepter (Necromancer’s default)
13 Raven’s Staff (Raven’s(????) default)
14 Nightblade’s Scepter (Nightblade’s default)
15 Destroyer’s Hammer (Destroyer’s(????) default)
16 Brawler’s Mace (Brawler’s default)
17 Naginata (Duelist’s(????) default)
18 Engineer’s Wrench (Engineer’s default)
19 Mechanic’s Wrench (Mechanic’s(????) default)
20 Fire Sword
21 Fire Staff
22 Fire Dagger
23 Fire Axe
24 Fire Scepter
25 Fire Bow
26 Ice Sword
27 Ice Dagger
28 Ice Staff
29 Ice Scepter
30 Ice Bow
31 Ice Axe
32 Poltergeist Bow
33 Poltergeist Dagger
34 Poltergeist Staff
35 Ninby’s Grace
36 Maps back to 15
37 Murderer’s Ring

When supplying numbers outside this range you can crash the game. I could not get consistent behavior on the crash. One time it was an index out of range, another time it was indexing an object that wasn’t indexible.

When it handles bad values correctly it defaults them to the Barbarian’s Axe.

We notice there’s some interesting characters mentioned that aren’t in the game. There’s the Viking, Viper, Rogue, Knight, Archmage, Paladin, Raven, Destroyer, Duelist, and Mechanic. Their default weapons can be seen below with a bunch of Murderer’s Rings.

Hidden Weapons

From what I can tell it looks like they will be an upgraded version of the base version of each character.

Written with StackEdit.


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